The Top 5 Chipping Tips to Improve Your Game

The Top 5 Chipping Tips to Improve Your Game

The Top 5 Chipping Tips to Improve Your Game

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If you’re a golfer looking to improve, you probably recognize how important the chip shot is to your game.

Since this is a fundamental staple that every golfer needs, it pays to learn some chipping tips that will be worthwhile.

This guide will dive into the importance of the chip shot, in addition to some tips that will serve you well.

5 Chipping Tips To Better Your Game

Entire?volumes of information?have been written on improving your chip shot, but there are five major keys you need to keep in mind in order to become the best golfer you can be.

Let’s take a look:

1. Know The Basic Chip Shot Fundamentals

Before you can become a chipping wiz, you’ll need to master the fundamentals.

Chipping tips can be built upon once you’re certain that you have a solid foundation and understanding of the shot.

For instance, your stance needs to be pretty narrow — preferably with your feet apart?6 to 8 inches.

Get rid of all tension in your arms as you position the golf ball in the right location to hit the ball in a downward motion.

Once you have these basic fundamentals down, the chip shot will become a much easier tool to implement into your game.

2. Strengthen Your Muscles And Muscle Memory For A Better Chip Shot

Golf is all about muscle memory, so do what you can to build the muscles that let your swing work for you and not against you.

Start with some?trap planks?to build your core. Your core muscles open up and engage anytime you hit a chip shot, so you’ll need to align these muscles to exert the right force with little effort.

Some other great muscle memory building exercises include pelvic rotations, Bulgarian split squats and a variety of yoga stretches.

3. Improve Your Golf Swing As A Whole

When you master the mechanics of the golf swing, it’s only natural that your chipping technique will improve.

Use the?right grip?and make sure that you figure out which you’re most comfortable with. Some people prefer the Vardon grip, while others choose the Interlock.

Make sure to put your hips into it, so that you’re using your force properly.

The more you practice your swing, the easier it’ll be to use those mechanics for your chip shot.

4. Do Some Chip Shot Drills Every Day

To really master chipping, it’s something that you need to practice on a daily basis. The motion of a chip shot is similar to a putting swing, so you will want to get a net or tee that helps you practice both.

These are simple drills that can be done in your backyard and will have huge benefits when it’s time to hit the golf course.

5. Work On Your Visualization

Golf is very much a mental game, so you’ll need to?master visualization?if you need your chip shot to improve.

Picture the ball placement, the perfect swing, the amount of force needed and where you want the ball to go. Taking these mental reps will help you better implement the physical techniques required.

Check out our blog for more golf tips and?contact us?if you have any questions.

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