The Very Best Wedges for Beginners
June 7, 2018 0

The Very Best Wedges for Beginners

Choosing the right wedges as a new golfer can be a little daunting. So take a read through our advice as we look at the very best wedges for beginners. [...]


5 Tips for Finding the Most Forgiving Driver
July 19, 2018 0

5 Tips for Finding the Most Forgiving Driver

Whether you're a new golfer, or a seasoned pro, if your driving game isn't up to scratch, your play is going to suffer. But not all drivers are created equal. Some can be a lot more forgiving of your technique than others. We take a look at 5 tips for finding the most forgiving driver. [...]


Waring breaks tour duck
August 24, 2018 0

Waring breaks tour duck

It took England’s Paul Waring a sudden-death playoff to notch up his first European Tour win in 200 attempts. He took the Nordea Masters title after overcoming South African Thomas [...]

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