7 Basic Golf Swing Tips All Players Should Know

7 Basic Golf Swing Tips All Players Should Know

7 Basic Golf Swing Tips All Players Should Know

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Have any of these things ever happened to you, or?a fellow golf buddy?

  • You take a?swing and watch your club go sailing off into the distance.
  • You take a swing so hard that you’re pretty sure you dislocated something.
  • You take a swing and, instead of hitting the ball, you create a giant divot.

Chances are, you may need some help refreshing your golf swing.

No need to take a mulligan.

Just check out a few golf swing tips that all players should know before they?tackle the green.

Simple golf swing tips

1.?Get a grip

If you can hold a golf club, chances are you can probably muster up a decent swing. But, that doesn’t always mean that you’ll make a connection with the ball.

Without a quality grip on that skinny metal club of yours, you cannot master an effective and efficient golf swing.

Ways to grip your club (based on a right-handed golfer):

Start by placing the club across the fingers, NOT the palm, of your left hand.

Then, try one of these grips:

  • The Vardon (overlap)
    • Place your right-handed pinkie between the left index and middle finger.
  • The Interlock
    • Hook the pinkie finger of your right hand under the index finger of your left hand, between the left index and middle finger.
  • The Baseball (10-finger)
    • Place your right hand below your left hand as if you were holding a baseball bat.

2. It’s all in the hips

A great golf swing position needs a quality set of cha-cha hips.

Keep your position and stance strong, yet flexible. Let your hips move freely through the entirety of your swing, keeping a firm sense of balance with your weight centred.

3. Keep your eye on the ball

No real explanation needed here.

If you can’t see the ball, you can’t hit the ball.

4. Get into the groove

Don’t be afraid to step back from the tee and take a few practice swings.

This is a great way to ensure you don’t throw your club, throw a hip out of joint, or get annoyed with your swing and just decide to throw the ball.

5.?Adjust the tee

That little thing you jam into the teeing ground actually serves a purpose when it comes to ball flight and your swing.

Ready to do business with your driver- set your tee high?

This allows you to get under the ball and give it some height and quality distance without any major spin.

Playing a golf game in a wind storm or Category 1 hurricane? Tee it lower.

Keeping your tee low will keep your ball low and keep wind sheer issues at a minimum.

Just remember – your swing will need to accommodate?your tee height.

6.?Get out of your head

One of the best golf swing tips that can change your game?

Don’t actually think about the game.

When setting up your swing, take a few deep breaths, clear your mind, and take a whack.

7. Relax and release

Once you have gotten yourself gripped, focused, teed up, and in your happy place – all you have left to do is relax and let your balanced position and loose hips perform the perfect swing.

Swing into action!

Ready to get swinging?

Try these few simple golf swing tips and let us know whether your golf game gets?you that ace in the hole.

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