5 Tips for Finding the Most Forgiving Driver

5 Tips for Finding the Most Forgiving Driver

5 Tips for Finding the Most Forgiving Driver

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What if your golf game has been doomed from the start?

It can happen to complete rookies and seasoned pros: you picked the wrong driver. And after that, your entire game is compromised.

The solution, then, is to pick the most forgiving driver. But how can you find the one that’s just right for you? Read our guide to find out!

1. Reduced Spin

In certain situations, like when you’re trying to land on the green, spin can be a good thing. However, most of the time, too much spin will send the ball into another kind of green: the trees!

The most forgiving golf drivers will reduce the spin of the ball while increasing the sweet spot (more on this later). Keep testing drivers until you find the best one!

2. Going the Distance

A successful drive is often about going the distance. However, it’s an unfortunate truth that some of us can’t swing as hard as we want to (or perhaps as hard as we used to).

This is why forgiving drivers should have larger frames that add a king of spring effect to your swing. With this added power, you can now send the ball much farther, so try to find the driver that helps you go the distance!

3. Better Control

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of power. And it’s true that without a strong swing, even the most skilled golfers in the world wouldn’t even be able to make par.

However, power is nothing if you don’t have the control to back it up. If you are more of?an amateur golfer, then your most forgiving driver will have a club head with lighter weight.

This makes the swing easier while restoring a sense of control to each of your shots.

4. Enhanced Sweet Spot

“The sweet spot”?is not a very scientific phrase. And while every player knows what it means, the truth is that this spot will vary from player to player.

On the most basic level, “the sweet spot” refers to the area which actually impacts the ball. For some players, the most forgiving drivers are simply those with larger sweet spots.

For other players, the sweet spot is more about a larger capacity cavity in the back of the club’s head. This helps you feel in control with your swings.

Like we said, the sweet spot can be different for each person. Keep experimenting with drivers until you find the sweet spot that’s calling to you!

5. Improved Confidence

When you’re trying to buy the most forgiving driver, there are plenty of tangible qualities. This includes club head size, head cavity size, and so on.

However, there’s also an important intangible: the?confidence it gives you. The reason we encourage you to keep experimenting with drivers is that only you can find the one that gives you confidence.

There’s no substitute for better confidence in the middle of a game. Pick the driver that makes you feel in control and you’ll have better control of the ball!

The Most Forgiving Driver: The Bottom Line

You know how to pick the most forgiving driver. But how else will you improve your game?

Par 24 is all about making you a better player. To see how we can transform your game,?check out our improvement guides?today!

5 Tips for Finding the Most Forgiving Driver
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