6 Proper Golf Grip Tips for Beginners

6 Proper Golf Grip Tips for Beginners

6 Proper Golf Grip Tips for Beginners

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You love the game of golf, but the game doesn’t seem to love you back. It may be because you don’t have a good grip on things — namely your club. Don’t worry: A few golf grip tips can turn your relationship with golf around.

The right golf grip can easily enhance your golf ball striking, get your slice right and help you to?play more consistently and effectively.

Clearly, making sure that you have a proper golf grip is incredibly important. Here are six proper golf grip tips for beginner golfers.

Let’s dive in!

1. Go with the Weaker Hand

First and foremost, be sure to grab your golf club with the weaker hand. For instance, if you are naturally right handed, grab your club with your left hand.

Next, position your hand to where you see a couple of the left hand’s knuckles. You should also see that your thumb and index finger have formed a “V” shape. Point this shape toward the right shoulder.

Now, you’ll want to allow for around half an inch of your club to appear above your grip. At this point, the left thumb needs to be pointing down the shaft’s right side.

Grip your club with the right hand, making sure that the right thumb sits atop the left one. The right thumb should be sitting on your club’s left side, facing downward.

And voila! You’ve got the perfect grip.

2. Go Light

When you’re grabbing your golf club, don’t hold onto it so tightly that you end up with white knuckles.

After all, you’re playing a nice golf game, not getting ready to ride an?Extreme Thrill Ride?at the Lincolnshire Fantasy Island amusement park.

At the same time, though, you don’t want too light of a grip. This will prevent you from controlling the golf club appropriately.

The ideal approach is to grip the club softly yet firmly — just not to the point where your forearms start tensing up.

3. Use 10 Fingers

Many beginner golfers use what’s called the?10-finger grip, also known as the baseball grip.

With this grip, you don’t overlap your fingers. Instead, you can wrap your left hand’s thumb around your golf club, just as a baseball player would hold a baseball bat.

4. Perform Overlapping

Although you don’t have to overlap your hands when holding a golf club, this has become more prevalent among golfers recently since it promotes a stronger grip and wrist hinge.

With this grip, the right hand’s pinky finger should go between your pointer finger and your left palm’s middle area. Then, you can simply align your left thumb with your right palm’s middle area.

5. Use a Sharpie

Still not quite sure if your club is positioned correctly in the left hand? Use a Sharpie to draw a couple of lines on your golfing glove at the right angles to help you.

The marker lines will remind you exactly where your club needs to be so that you can play more confidently.

6. Use Molded Grips

Mastering your club grip may seem like a lot of work. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Some commercially available molded grips can provide you with additional guidance with placing your thumbs, hands and fingers in the right positions.

How We Can Help with Golf Grip Tips

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Contact us?to learn more about how we can help you to enjoy a much better golf game all around this year.

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