5 of the Best English Golf Courses

5 of the Best English Golf Courses

5 of the Best English Golf Courses

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The summer is here and the nights are still getting longer which can only mean one thing.

It’s time to hit the fairways.

Whether its a parkland or a lynx, getting in a few holes, even if its just a quick nine after work offers golfers countrywide the chance to unwind.

When it comes to golf, England is a treasure trove of courses, offering something for pretty much every golfer.

But what about if you are looking for something special. One of those English golf courses that leave a special mark on your memory and a place in your hear.

A course for a special occasion, a once in a lifetime round of golf where the stories you tell will become legendary.

Keep reading and to hear about the best golf courses England has to offer.

1. Royal Birkdale is One of the Top English Golf Courses

When you think of great golf courses, Royal Birkdale should definitely make that list. One of the rotational courses for?The Open Championship, it is a legendary course with a grand history.

Conquered by Arnold Palmer back in 1961 it is certainly a course that you will never forget.

A grander links course you are unlikely to find, especially one renowned for its fairness to the player.?Accurate shots?are rewarded with good bounces and fair lies.

Just standing on the tee of the majestic 12th hole will send chills up the spine of every golfer from old to young.

2. Could St Enodoc be One of the Best Golf Courses in England?

A stunning links course set on the Cornish coast, the spectacular views offered as you make your way around are reason enough to add St Enodoc to your golfing bucket list.

Arguably a gem of a course, the 6th hole is one of the scrapbooks. Two blind shots in a row; from the tee and the fairway, followed by passing a dune known on the course as the Himalayas make this hole a challenge and a reward all in one.

3. Woodhall Spa Proves the Best Course in England Could be a Heathland

A grand course and a fine example of?heathland golfing, this course is heaven for those that stay in play, but something else for those that stray. The rich heather and gorse that line the course make accuracy key.

A course that is perfectly suited to year-round golfing you should definitely find time to come and play a round. The 18th is arguably the pinnacle of the course.

A 540 yard part 5 course that plays every yard but requires a careful touch to stand a chance of scoring well.

4. The Deceptive Royal Liverpool is One of the Top Golf Courses in England

Upon first viewing, many may mistake Royal Liverpool for being a nice course, overlooking the subtle beauty of its design and the complex nature of its game.

A grand history is associated with this course which, with its numerous and challenging bunkers and?subtly challenging greens?provides a high-quality challenge to golfers of all skill levels.

5. Royal St. George’s is a Prime Example of English Golf Courses

Royal St. George’s is a classic course in every aspect. Whether you look at its deep bunkers, tumbling fairways or the smattering of blind shots that add that extra challenge to the round, it is deserving of its places among the top golf courses in England.

The somewhat unique figure of eight layout of the course eliminates the classic out and back structure of most courses and also allows for the wind to play a far greater role on the course.

Definitely one for the memories.

Golf is a Grand Game and Deserves a Grand Course to be Played Upon

There are many things that make English golf courses great, and not all of them are shared by every player. Memories are made between the first and the last hole and sometimes, it is the smaller courses and the people you play them with that leave the grandest impression.

To?learn more about golf?or the different courses you could try, why not check out some of our other posts.

5 of the Best English Golf Courses
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