5 Putting Aids to Help You Sink Every Shot

5 Putting Aids to Help You Sink Every Shot

5 Putting Aids to Help You Sink Every Shot Golf man putting on green for birdie while on vacation

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We all know the feeling.

You hit a great drive, mastered your irons, nailed a chip shot and have a short put for birdie. You feel like you’re on top of the world.

That is until you three-putt your way to a bogey.

Putting is one of the most important pieces of your golf game. No round can survive a good score without sinking some critical shots from the green.

36 putts or more?per round is considered poor putting. But getting to 35 putts is easier said than done.

You’ve mastered your long drive but need some help sinking that put? Great news!

Here are 5 putting aids that will help you turn that bogey into a birdie.

1. PuttOUT

Three to five footers should be automatic for good golfers. But we’ve all missed our fair share of gimmes.

You can practice your short putts with the aid of PuttOUT. It’s a non-mechanical putting trainer that retrieves and returns balls.

It’s a ramp-shaped device that slopes up so that balls can come right back to you. You can practice hundreds of short putts without ever bending down to retrieve your ball.

2. Trueline Putting Coach

You can put like a champ with the help of Truline Putting Coach. It’s a favorite of golfing champion Justin Rose.

This is one of the most dynamic putting aids on the market. It helps you read angles and speed using a folding board, level, and tees.

You can drop your ball on the green, aim at the hole, and try to make it through Trueline’s gate. If you fail, adjust your read and try until you make it.

3. The Putting Fork

There are many?putting tips?that can help you improve your game. But perhaps the best one is to practice patience.

You can put your patience to the test with the aid of The Putting Fork.

It’s a simple device: you set it up on the green, anchor it with tees, and try to make your ball through the gate. Set it up for maximum difficulty to truly improve your game.

4. Groove+ Putting Laser

You can get immediate, visual feedback on your putts thanks to the Groove+ Putting Laser.

This industrial strength laser sends a plus sign to the putter head. It gives you a reference point for the face and path of your putter.

It’s like having your own golf instructor at your disposal for every putt.

5. 100% Pure Stroke

Looking to work on your backstroke, impact, and release? There’s no better tool than the 100% Pure Stroke.

It’s an add-on piece you can put on your putter to help you hit the sweet spot. It helps golfers create a perfect?pendulum stroke, where your hands, arms, and shoulders all work in unison.

The nifty device will detect whether your putter face is square, hitting the right impact line, and are following through on release.

More Golf and Putting Aids

Putting aids can only take your game so far.

Are you interested in fine-tuning your golf game? We can help.

Check out our?improvement guides?to turn around all facets of your game.

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