5 Putting Tips From the Experts

5 Putting Tips From the Experts

5 Putting Tips From the Experts

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Have you ever watched a golf pro and wondered how they manage to make the game look so easy?

While their swing may look effortless, the truth is becoming a skilled golfer takes a lot of practice and patience. But with a little work and some expert advice, you too might be able to eventually pull off a hole in one.

Read on for putting tips from the pros that every golfer should know!

5 Pro Putting Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

Any golfing expert will tell you, to get the perfect swing, you must first?master the fundamentals.

These putting tips are essential for anyone who wants to get better on the green.

1. Make Sure You Have the Right Alignment

Most pro-golfers have alignment sticks at their disposal, but if you don’t, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. You can use anything with a straight line, including a golf shaft, towel or golf mat for getting the proper alignment. To make sure your clubface, feet, hips, and shoulders are aligned to hit your target

Using a straight edge, make sure your clubface, feet, hips, and shoulders are aligned to hit your target.

Once you get your proper alignment, then try to aim for comfort at address. That means you should feel relaxed and let go of tension.

2. Choose the Club to Match the Following Approach Shot

When choosing the club, inexperienced players often look at the distance of their shot.

Golf professionals know that they should take into account the wind, the hazards, obstacles and natural shot tendencies.

But, the most important?trick to get best shot?possible, is to consider the approach shot to follow. This will help lead you towards whether a driver or a 3-wood is best for the shot you’re taking.

3. Get the Best Grip

Most golfers grip with their palm, but this makes it hard to swing through a ball.

Instead, you should grip with the fingers opposite of your dominant hand. Make sure your thumb and index finger point directly to your shoulder.

Perhaps most importantly, don’t grip too tightly. Keep your grip semi-loose.

4. Keep Your Body Still

To?putt like a pro, it’s critical that you don’t move your head, legs, arms or neck during the swing.

This will help you maintain consistency throughout the motion, giving you a greater range of accuracy and control.

5. Let Your Hips Guide the Way

For the best technique, the only body movement other than the swing itself, that you should concentrate on, is the twist of your hips.

Let your hips lead the way and the rest is more likely to follow through with a complete and consistent swing.

A final piece of advice here is to bump the hip, that is to move away from the ball during rotation, forward just a hair before beginning your swing.

Want More Pro Golf Advice?

To find out all of the top putting tips and tricks of the golf trade, don’t stop here. Get all of the information you need to make the next round you play your best yet.

Check out?our blog?for professional golfing advice that’ll help you master your golf game in no time!

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