How to Putt Like A Pro: 5 Simple Tips

How to Putt Like A Pro: 5 Simple Tips

How to Putt Like A Pro: 5 Simple Tip

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Do you tend to 3-putt too often?

Learning how to putt better is every golfer’s goal. But if you want the perfect putt, you need to develop a solid technique.

Pro golfers sink approximately 50% of their putts from 8 feet. They’re almost automatic within 3 feet, with over 99% of shots rolling into the cup.

If you notice that putts are responsible for a large percentage of your strokes every round, it’s time for some improvement.

In this article, we will look at 5 simple tips that will help you learn how to putt much more effectively.

Keep reading if you want to start putting like a pro!

1. Maintain Good Posture

With short puts, posture is crucial.

A good posture starts with pushing your hips in front of your heels and pointing your eyes toward the inner side of the ball.

Next, your hands should align with your shoulders.

Finally, the shaft of your putter should follow the same angle as your forearms.

2. Consider the Situation When Analyzing a Putt

Some golfers will argue about whether to analyze a putt from behind the ball or the hole.

Why not both?

Ideally, you should analyze an uphill putt from behind the ball and a downhill one from behind the hole.

Make sure to cup your hands around your face to focus on the green.

3. Keep Your Body Still

One of the biggest mistakes that many golfers make is that they fail to be consistent with their form.

What’s the best way to stay consistent?

When putting, concentrate on keeping your body completely relaxed during the entire stroke.

Don’t move your legs, head, or neck at all during the stroke. This is important, as any small movement could throw off your technique.

It’s a lot easier to stay consistent when you’re only moving your arms.

4. Scan From Side-To-Side

When analyzing a putt, you tend to scan back and forth between the ball and the hole.

Although assessing a putt in this manner is key, it’s also severely limiting.

Bring two pennies with you to the course and place one on each side of the hole before putting. Position both coins about the same distance away from the hole.

Stand approximately three to five feet away from the hole and kneel down.

When looking from coin to coin, you’ll be able to determine the slope of the green and account for it accordingly.

5. Focus on the Mental Aspect

Mental toughness is one of the most important characteristics of a good golfer.

If you find yourself thinking about recent blunders on the green, it’s time to let them go.

Filter out all the background noise and trust your skills. Confidence is a huge part of putting success.

Make sure you treat every shot with the same importance so you’ll be ready when the high-pressure ones show up.

Final Thoughts on Learning How to Putt Like a Pro

Pairing a good putt technique with a solid golf swing will make you virtually unstoppable on any course.

Keep in mind that if you’re taking a lot of putts every game, it likely means that your initial putt is far from the hole.

Remember that good putting requires consistent technique and form. Therefore, work on your longer shots before performing a significant overhaul on your putting.

However, if you implement these tips, you’ll eventually have other golfers asking you for tips on how to putt.

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