7 Kids Golf Tips for Young Beginners

7 Kids Golf Tips for Young Beginners

7 Kids Golf Tips for Young Beginners

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Golf is one of the best sports kids can start learning; there are many reasons why they should. It’s fun and helps them develop important motor skills. It is also a game they can play for their entire lives.

Teaching kids golf can be a difficult task. Whether you teach your own child or let a pro do it, it’s important to do it right. Otherwise, your child may lose interest before they start to see dramatic improvement.

Here are seven tips for teaching young golfers.

Start with Group Instruction

While individual attention is important, young golfers like to be in groups. It takes away the nerves and turns the experience into a social game. Group lessons also tend to be more affordable as you assess your child’s interest in the game.

Wait to see if your child likes the game and wants to continue. Then think about individual lessons.

Add Variety

Kids lose interest and attention quickly. Teaching kids golf won’t be easy if the experience is the same for them. They will go down hill fast. To avoid this, vary the activities you do with them.

Play different games. Practice different skills. Variety will keep your child’s attention and help develop different parts of the game.

Get on the Course

Practicing at the range is important, but nothing compares to being out on a course. You should get your child on that course as soon as possible. This will give them the experience they need to truly enjoy the game and develop skills like good putting.

Let the Slump Happen

All sports have slumps; they are unavoidable for most people. What matters most is what you do during the slump. The first thing is to simply let it happen.

If your child experiences a slump, be there for them. Don’t make them do anything they don’t want to do. Instead, motivate them and keep up the variety until the slump has passed.

Keep It Short

You don’t need to be out on the course for the entire 18 hole game. Kids learn at a remarkable pace. The same amount of learning they do can happen in half the time.

Keep your sessions on the course short so they don’t lose interest.

Ignore Your Game

If you practice or play with your child, it can be easy to focus on your own game. Remember, however, that this isn’t about you. Your child will need the extra attention and support.

Make time for your own game of kids golf.

Include the Whole Family

Family outings to the golf course are fun for young players. It’s easy to turn practice into playtime with friends and family members. This will also help your child form positive memories on the course.

In the future, when things get more intense, these memories will keep your child motivated.

Teaching Kids Golf

Remember to give your child time and space as they learn. Let them make certain choices so they aren’t overloaded. If you can keep the learning fun and exciting, they will likely stick with the game.

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