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The Best Beginner Golf Clubs: A Guide

The Best Beginner Golf Clubs: A Guide

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If you’re from the UK, chances are pretty good that you’re at least somewhat familiar with the sport of golf. After all, England is the?biggest hot spot?for golf in all of Europe.

Looking at jumping into the sport yourself? The thought may be daunting, but don’t fret. Golf is actually a very beginner-friendly sport.

Beginner golf clubs are specifically designed to be more forgiving and aid consistency. In other words, beginner clubs are formulated to give you a good start.

But how do you choose from among the many types of clubs available?

We’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to choosing the best beginner golf clubs.

Typical Beginner Sets

Beginner sets typically include 12 to 14 clubs. Various types of clubs will be included, such as woods, a driver, irons, and a putter.

Designed to help beginners succeed, beginner clubs have larger faces, making it easier for users to hit the ball well. Also, the clubs’ shafts will likely be shorter than normal, to aid better control.

In addition to the various clubs, a beginner set will also come with a bag, though it may not be a standing one.

Men’s vs. Women’s Beginner Golf Clubs

When choosing your golf clubs, take into consideration that there are men’s clubs and women’s clubs. Taller women may be comfortable using men’s clubs, though.

The weight, grip size, and length of the shaft will be different, to accommodate body size and strength differences.

Things to Look For

You should take several things into account when choosing the right clubs for you. First, make sure the clubs are comfortable.

Are the clubs too heavy for you? Are they too light? Look for a balance that will give you a good swing, as well as good control.

The right length of the shaft is also important. Using clubs that are too long or too short will hamper your ability to succeed.

Make sure the clubs’ grips are comfortable and the right size for your hands.

Choose High Quality

When selecting a club set, look for the highest quality within your price range. Throughout the UK, golfers?spend billions?on the sport, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Consider your budget, then look for sets produced by trusted brands. Wilson and Callaway sets are a great place to start. You can?check out reviews?of specific equipment here.

Depending on your interest level and budget, you may want to consider buying a used set instead of new.

Choose Balance

As you determine which golf clubs are best for you, consider your purpose.

Are you casually looking to see if you like the game? Or do you already know you plan to compete?

There’s no point in draining your budget for top of the line gear if you only plan to be a casual player.

You may consider buying just a few clubs to start out with. Beginners may not need all the clubs included in a set. Cost wise, it may be more efficient to buy a set anyway, though.

In your search, combining your goals, wants, physical build, and knowledge of what types of clubs you need, will get you going.

Looking for the best beginner clubs for children? Check out our post on the best?golf clubs for kids.

The Best Beginner Golf Clubs: A Guide
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