How to Clean Golf Clubs to Make Them Go the Distance

How to Clean Golf Clubs to Make Them Go the Distance

How to Clean Golf Clubs to Make Them Go the Distance

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You don’t need a fancy golf club cleaning kit to make your irons sparkle. It’s easy for any keen golfer to revive their clubs to make them look as good as new.

Remember that the build-up of grass, dirt, and?debris on a golf club?can impact the quality of your play. Follow the steps below to discover how to clean golf clubs and make sure your irons stay in top condition for your entire golfing career.

Five Steps to Cleaning Golf Clubs

Follow the simple instructions below to clear your golf clubs of grime and make them like new. These five steps are only for your metal clubs: keep reading for care instructions on wooden?putters or drivers.

1. Soapy Suds to Start

Add a generous squirt of dishwashing liquid to a large bucket and then fill with warm water. Any type of liquid soap will work for this, but always avoid harsh cleansers with bleach or corrosive chemicals.

A high-sided bucket is helpful here, to help your golf clubs stay in without toppling over. You might want to place the bucket in a corner or by a wall so that you can safely lean your club handles against something for added stability.

Fill only with enough warm water to cover the heads of your golf clubs.

2. Submerge Your Irons

Place your golf clubs into the bucket. Make sure the water level doesn’t go over the?ferrules?of your clubs, as this could cause damage or perishing.

Leave your irons to soak for a few minutes to help loosen the toughest grime.

3. Get in the Groove

Find a brush with plastic bristles – even an old toothbrush will work! Working on cleaning golf clubs one at a time, scrub away at the grooves with your brush.

Take your time to scrub around the entire golf club head, including the sole and back of the clubhead. Removing debris and old grime can take some patience, so even if you’re not seeing results to start with just keep going.

4. Rinse Away

With clean water, rinse off the iron. You can do this from the kitchen tap, the garden hose, or using another bucket of clean water.

Remove the iron from the water and shake off any excess. Check to see if all of the grime has been removed: if not, dunk it back into the soapy water and repeat your scrubbing process again.

5. Time to Dry Off

Use a soft towel to fully dry off your golf club heads. Remember to dry up the shaft as well, otherwise, you may miss stray droplets that could leave your irons wet in your?caddy or bag.

How to Clean Golf Clubs Made of Wood

Wooden golf clubs need more care and attention if you want to avoid scratching up the smooth surface of your favorite driver.

Never submerge a wooden club head in water. This could cause it to swell out of shape, and you’ll never get that smooth head back again.

Instead simply use a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Run it over the wood on all sides, and repeat the process a few times. Finish off by drying thoroughly with a clean towel. This should be enough to remove all grime and debris, leaving you with a clean golf club.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to clean golf clubs? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

How to Clean Golf Clubs to Make Them Go the Distance
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