Golf 101: Types of Golf Clubs You Must Know

Golf 101: Types of Golf Clubs You Must Know

Golf 101: Types of Golf Clubs You Must Know

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You can’t play golf without clubs. There are so many to choose from it can leave those who are self-taught or just starting out overwhelmed. When you purchase a golf club set, it comes with twelve types of golf clubs.

In this post, we’ll go over what each club is used for and when you should use them. It seems like a lot, but we have faith you’ll catch on quickly!

Types of Golf Clubs

When you purchase a golf club set, it comes with twelve different clubs. The clubs will vary in size and shape. They should be numbered somewhere near the head for easy identification.

The Woods

There are a few types of golf club referred to as “fairway woods“. The most popular are the 1-wood, 3-wood, and the 5-wood. These are beginner friendly golf clubs since they are shorter and there is less of a swing to them.

They are called this since they used to be made of wood. With modern advances and steel and titanium more readily available, these days they are more often made of metal.

When you’re starting out your golf game, you want to start with a fairway wood. They are great for distance and getting the ball far into the air. After you play for a while, you will develop a preference for which club you prefer at the top of the fairway.

The Putter

Putters are shorter than regular golf clubs and have a?flat club head. Their head is flat since the ball needs to stay on the ground when you’re putting. They are made for very short distances on the green, to hopefully score you a birdie!

The Pitching Wedge

Pitching wedges will get you height and distance, but only within 100 yards or so. They are sometimes used to get the ball out of a sticky situation (sand pit, woods) because they get under the ball with their loft.

The pitching wedge itself is the second most lofted club after the 9-iron. The loft is the angle from the ground to the top of the head face. This is what gives the pitching wedge its ability to pick up the ball and hit it into the air.


Unless you buy them specially, golf sets come with 12 clubs. Seven of these are referred to as irons. They consist of numbers: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

All of the irons have differing degrees of loft and handle height. Irons are used for shots under 200 yards when a wedge club isn’t appropriate. The higher the iron number, the farther the ball should go (in theory).

However, if you’re just starting out you’ll want to start with the lower numbers. The clubs get longer as you go up and the longer the handle, the more difficult it is to control the swing.

The best types of golf clubs in the game are rated by category. As your golf game improves, you’ll want to slowly upgrade your club set. What was your starter set like? Let us know below!

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