The Hottest Golf Cart Bags for 2018

The Hottest Golf Cart Bags for 2018

The Hottest Golf Cart Bags for 2018

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Golfers in the UK spend?4.3 billion pounds?a year on their sport, making them some of the savviest shoppers of golf equipment in the world. Even so, with so many golf cart bags on the market, it can be difficult sorting the shoddy from the stylish.

Here are some of the best-reviewed bags on the market today, to ensure you start the 2018 golfing season at the top of your game.

Under Armour Armada

A licensing agreement with Sun Mountain saw Under Armour golf bags hit the market in 2017 and they’re not to be scoffed at.

The Armada is the only cart bag in the range but it more than covers the category, as functional as it is stylish. All three bags in the Under Armour range have been garnering top reviews in the industry making their 2018 prospects very attractive indeed.

PING Pioneer

The PING Pioneer 2017 bag has topped more than one best-of list since it’s release and it’s not hard to see why. The PING engineers have thought about just about everything a golfer could desire in a cart bag with the Pioneer.

With an innovative Rangefinder pocket magnetic handle and a hidden zipper that gives easy access to the bottom of the bag, the Pioneer puts ease of use first. Combined with cascading dividers that will have your clubs practically organising themselves, the PING Pioneer is a great way to see in the new golfing season.

Cobra Ultralight

The Cobra Ultralight is a 2016 model but it’s style and design have kept it topping review lists since its release.

It has 14-way storage capacity, a waterproof, fleece-lined pocket designed to keep your electronics safe, and cart strap pass-through functionality. Composed of 100% polyester it’s one of the most durable golf cart bags you can find.

OGIO Cirrus

The OGIO Cirrus is OGIO’s most lightweight cart bag, weighing in at just 4.8 lbs. It features a 16-way 2X Barrel cart top, 9 zippered pockets, and a detachable ball pocket panel for potential logo application.

The Cirrus is a great all-rounder bag – performing above average in terms of style, storage, and features. If you’re in the market for a solid golf cart bag to get you through the 2018 season, the Cirrus is a great choice.

PING Traverse

The Traverse is PING’s value bag but it’s still a strong contender in terms of style and functionality.

It has a 14-way top to simplify organisation and 10 expansive pockets to manage your belongings. Combined with a two-dozen ball capacity and an insulated cooler pocket, the Traverse is a capable bag for a capable golfer.


PING has ruled the listing today and it’s no surprise.?The company?was founded in 1959 in the U.S. but their expertise is world-renowned.

The DLX shares the innovative Rangefinder pocket magnetic handle with the Pioneer. It also includes a deployable shoe pouch, twin padded lift handles, and a 15-way mesh-covered top.

Top Golf Cart Bags to See in the New Season

Golf cart bags need to be functional, organised, innovative and stylish. Whether you’re trying to?make golfing history?or just taking in a lazy Sunday course, with these top picks, your game is sure to be smoother and more organised than ever.

With the new year approaching, now’s the perfect time to invest in more than just a new bag. Here are the 5 best?golf GPS devices?to up your game in 2018.

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