The 5 Best Destinations for Golf Around the World

The 5 Best Destinations for Golf Around the World

The 5 Best Destinations for Golf Around the World

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Passions for golf and travel go well together. If you really love seeing new places, you can plan your next trip around locations that have the top golf destinations. You’ll get to travel and play your favorite sport.

Of course, there are great golf courses all around the world, so it can be hard to figure out where to begin. We’ve put together a list of five of the best destinations for golf around the world so that you can start planning your next trip.

Read on to find out more about the best golf destinations.

1. Scotland

Scotland might not be known for its golf-friendly weather, but it’s one of the most important places to visit on a worldwide golf trip. Scotland is credited with being the birthplace of golf — the first game was recorded as early as the fifteenth century.

As you can imagine, they have some spectacular golf courses!

There are?over 550 courses?to choose from throughout the country. If you want to be a spectator instead, schedule your visit around when Scotland hosts some of golf’s most famous tournaments.

2. Phoenix

While Scotland is overcast and cold, Phoenix is known for having endless sun and sometimes unbearable heat.

You might not want to visit?in the summer?when temperatures soar. However, the weather in Phoenix is great for golf any other time of year. There are golf courses all throughout Arizona, but the city of Phoenix alone has two hundred of them.

Whether you want to try out a PGA course or golf on a budget, there’s a place for you in Phoenix.

3. Hawaii

If the desert isn’t for you but you still prefer golfing in warmer weather, take a trip to Hawaii. While any of the islands would be a great choice, you’ll find the most prestigious courses on the big island.

There are lots of golf resorts to choose from, which allows you to truly create a vacation out of visiting a new golf course. You’ll find top-notch service, gorgeous views, and lush greens at this golf destination.

4. Bahamas

Whether you’re traveling with someone who has never played golf before or you have a group of enthusiasts, the Bahamas is one of the best golf destinations. Their tropical location means you can play golf any time of year.

Even though the islands are small, there are still?over one hundred golf courses?for all skill levels. If you’re traveling with children, even kids will be able to get in on the fun.

5. Italy

Usually, people don’t think of continental Europe when they’re planning out their golf trips. Italy should be your exception to that rule — they have over three hundred courses set in a truly stunning landscape.

Since it’s a more Mediterranean country, the weather in Italy is consistently warmer than other areas of Europe. Play in the mountains of Tuscany, or learn more about ancient history while visiting a course in Rome. You really can’t go wrong.

Play Golf Around The World

Use this list to get started planning your own trip to play golf around the world. No matter which destination you choose, you’re guaranteed to find interesting and entertaining courses.

Do you have a favorite golf course in an interesting country? Think there’s a location we should spotlight??Let us know!

The 5 Best Destinations for Golf Around the World
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