5 Golf Courses in Scotland You Won’t Want to Miss

5 Golf Courses in Scotland You Won't Want to Miss

5 Golf Courses in Scotland You Won't Want to Miss

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When you have made the decision to go golfing in Scotland, it comes with a little bit of weight. For finding the perfect golf course or courses to play 18 holes on can become quite a daunting task with so many options available.

Just about any of the golf courses in Scotland that you choose will sufficiently supply your?quest for a good round. But playing the best courses in Scotland is a better way to go.

Here you’ll find a short list of the five golf courses in Scotland that you simply do not want to miss:

1. Loch Lomond

This private course is the host of the Scottish Open with sensational views and meticulously crafted fairways.

The Loch Lomond clubhouse now occupies what used to be the Rossdhu Mansion. This magnificent structure was completed in 1773. It is rich with history and artefacts from the time period.

The clubhouse was constructed to replace the original Rossdhu Castle of which you can still see the ruins directly behind the course’s 18th green.

2. Carnoustie Golf Links

Although it can become quite windy in Angus, where Carnoustie is situated, many golfers appreciate this location for it’s three winning courses to choose from.

The Championship Course, Burnside Course, and Buddon Links are all praised for as chosen venues for the Open Championship. There is rich history surrounding these openings and many golfers flock to this course when they visit Scotland.

3. Turnberry

This course?sits atop a fine resort?for guests to stay and play!

Some say that this course sits differently than others typically selected for the British Open rotation links. They say it lacks natural ripples and chaotic contours that usually represent a difficult course.

Others aren’t concerned because they know the history of this course in which it was paved over with eighteen inch thick concrete runways during World War II.

4. Kingsbarns Golf Links

This public course ranks at 65 in the world and has earned the respect of golf aficionados all over the place.

The course is only sixteen years old and extra dirt was brought in to create this links-style course, but its appearance might make you think twice with rolling greens and gorgeous scenery.

5. The Old Course Is one of the Most Iconic Golf Courses in the World

To save the best for last, we mention the?Old Course in St. Andrews. It is widely regarded as the ‘home of golf’ with many, if not most of the most legendary figures to ever play the sport having come before you.

It was this course that helped to decide a round of golf at 18 holes instead of 22.

The Old Course has hosted the Open Championship 29 times, which is more than any other course in history.

Finding the Best Golf Courses in Scotland

There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of golf courses in Scotland. It’s the original home of golf, after all.

Finding a course doesn’t have to be overwhelming.?Just contact us?for more information on courses and other golf-related guides.

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