How to Improve Your Golf Swing Power

How to Improve Your Golf Swing Power

How to Improve Your Golf Swing Power

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Are you hitting the ball as hard as you can but it’s not going too far? Do you dream of hitting long distances like Mike Austin or Jordan Spieth?

The average distance most golfers achieve is?250 yards. Most amateur golfers lack the golf swing power to reach that far. Golfers ages 20 to 40 often hit between 231 and 238 yards.

How do you go reach that average? How can you go beyond it and hit the golden 300-yard spot?

Getting a Better Driver

Keep in mind that upgrading your gear isn’t going to make you a pro golfer in an instant. You still need to practice your backswing, downswing, and posture. Getting a better driver will improve your chances.

The ideal driver is a 1-wood club that gives you a high launch with a controlled amount of backspin. You will have to experiment with a few?types of clubs?but you can start by trying out a hybrid design first. These are often the most balanced.

It wasn’t always this way. Before the 1990’s, golfers aimed for a low launch that shot high. While this can deliver a far shot, it’s difficult to do even for professional golfers.

Fix Your Grip and Posture

There are over?23 million golf players?in the United States but very few understand how to grip a golf club the right way.

Your upper hand shouldn’t grip the club too tightly. This means putting the weight of the club in the palm of your hand and the pinky finger. This will give you more flexibility and helps reduce tension in your grip.

With your right hand, make sure to put the pressure on your index finger and thumb but not on the wrist and shoulder. You can do this by keeping the grip in a V-formation throughout your swing.

If you are a left-handed player, follow these exact steps but in reverse. With the right grip, you’ll get more golf swing power.

Work on Your Backswing

Your backswing is another essential factor but it’s where most amateurs fail. You’re supposed to wind up as far as you can. Keep going until your back and lead shoulder face the ball.

Don’t focus on pure muscle power. Keeping your lead arm extended and avoid lifting your hands. Let the whole body pivot instead so you can get the extra momentum for your swing.

This will drive your weight into the ground.

Perfect Downswing for More Golf Swing Power

When swinging in, keep the clubhead as far away from the lead shoulder. Don’t prematurely fold your other arm because it will release tension. You’ll lose the strength in your swing.

If you need to practice your posture when swinging, tuck an airflow ball under your right armpit. If you’re left-handed, put the ball under your left armpit. If the ball falls during your downswing, you’re releasing tension too early.

Get More Golf Tips and Equipment

Looking for the ideal 1-wood driver? Do you need more improvement guides?

We’ve got you covered. With improvement guides and golf equipment reviews galore, we can help you prepare. Our guides can help whether you’re an amateur or a professional looking for more information.

Not sure where to start looking? Feel free to?contact us?and we’ll direct you to some of our best reviews and improvement guides available.

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