Get a Grip: The Top 5 Golf Gloves

Get a Grip: The Top 5 Golf Gloves

Get a Grip: The Top 5 Golf Gloves

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One of the most neglected pieces of equipment in a golfer’s bag is his glove.

Golf gloves are often overlooked or bought as an afterthought to cushion a blister. But while it may not be as exciting to shop for a glove as it is to download the?latest golf apps, gloves are an integral part of improving your game.

As the number of golfers in the UK?continues to rise, so does the interest in better equipment. Here’s our list of the top five golf gloves available right now.

What to Look For in Golf Gloves

Before we list off our favourites, let’s briefly discuss what to look for in a glove.


If your glove is too tight, you won’t wear it for long. A looser fit might be tempting, but the over time the glove will bunch up and affect your grip. Always choose a glove that’s true to your hand size.


Leather gloves are soft and offer a tight grip even in wet conditions. Synthetic leathers have become popular, too, along with mesh tops for breathability.


Not all gloves are weatherproof, which is important for those heading to?England’s best golf courses. All-weather gloves are advisable for Britain’s sticky summers and unexpected rain showers.

The Top 5 Golf Gloves

Here’s our list of the five best golf gloves on the market today.

Bionic Stable Grip Golf Glove

Bionic is consistently ranked as one of the best gloves, and for good reason.

With its patented pad technology, this glove truly is one-of-a-kind. The tapered fingers provide comfort while the interior’s towel material absorbs excess moisture.

Puma 2017 Men?s Pro Formation Hybrid Golf Glove

New for 2017, this extra soft glove is a mix of lycra and Cabretta leather. It’s available in multiple sizes and colours to suit your individual taste.

It also features perforated fingers for maximum breathability.

GB Golf Second Skin Cabretta Leather Men?s Golf Glove

This glove’s high-quality leather palm offers exceptional comfort and grip. The Arctic mesh backing wicks away moisture to keep your hand dry and cool.

If you’re a leftie, though, you’ll have to wait, because the glove is currently only available for right-handed players.

Callaway Men?s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

If you want great quality at a bargain price, this is the glove for you.

The leather provides great grip while the perforated palm and fingers ensure your hand stays dry all day. The adjustable closure also guarantees a secure, proper fit.

TaylorMade Men?s Stratus Sport Golf Glove

This hybrid glove is a combination of leather and lycra, providing exceptional comfort and durability.

Perforations on the fingers and top of the hand ensure breathability. This glove is an excellent choice for all weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

In a recent survey, 55% of golfers claimed that modern equipment has helped them?save three or more strokes.

Why not take advantage of the latest technology and lower your own score by investing in one of these gloves?

Do you have a favourite glove that’s not listed here? Did you try one of the ones on our list and fall in love with it? Leave your thoughts in the box below!

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