Top 5 Golf Apps You Need Now

The 5 Greatest Golf Apps You Need Now

The 5 Greatest Golf Apps You Need Now

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Golf has been around since around 1457. But the difference is that back then golfers did not have access to something called technology. There were no apps, smartphones, software and hardware.

Today, technology has empowered us to create what was once seemed impossible. Indeed, golf apps are a great way to enhance your golfing experience.

Let?s refresh your phone and check out these awesome golf apps ready to be downloaded on the market.

5 Top 5?Golf Apps You Need to Download Now

1. FunGolf

Also available for Apple Watch, FunGolf is a free golf GPS app with great functionalities. It allows you to track your position on the golf courses.

FunGolf comes with realistic full-3D maps of more than 33,000 courses around the world. With this praise location visibility, you can easily find every nook and cranny of the course. You can also download the maps beforehand in case there?s no internet connection.

Other notable functions include scorecards and a dashboard with statistics for your games. These are great tools to help you track your progress and improve your game.

2. GolfNow

Looking for some golf apps for booking a tee time? GolfNow is your answer.

Since most golf courses need a reservation for when you?ll begin your round, it can be a tedious process. This includes finding contact information, making a phone call, and arranging a time and date. If you change your plan, you have to go through the process all over again.

GolfNow is convenient and always ready 24/7. You can book tee times at more than 6,000 golf courses and resorts around the world. The app also comes with GPS tracking at more than 30,000 courses and in-depth stats of your games.

3. Golfshot Plus

For $29.99 you can get real-time, accurate GPS on over 40,000 courses worldwide. Golfshot Plus is amongst one of the highest rated golf apps out there. Simply put, it?s like your personal caddie on the course. Plus, you get powerful insights into your performance.

4. Golf Channel Academy

If you?re looking for an app that can record and analyze your swing, check out Golf Channel Academy.

This app offers a wealth of golf instructions, with over 2,000 videos from the best coaches in your area and across the country. Some well-known names include Michael breed, Dana Vader, and Marin Hall.

5. Hudl Technique Golf

Formerly known as Ubersense Golf, what makes Hudl Technique Golf different is its ability to record your swing in slow motion and instantly analyze your form.

This is a great tool to help identify your weak spots and improve your performance. You can add note and drawings in your video and share it with other users. Likewise, you can study your swing and compare it with other professional golfers?. It’s a win-win.

Golf is a fun sport. It requires patience, dedication, and hard work. These golf apps exist to help enhance your golfing experience and bring your technique to the next level.

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