7 Advanced Golf Driving Tips From the Pros

7 Advanced Golf Driving Tips From the Pros

7 Advanced Golf Driving Tips From the Pros

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Practically everyone who golfs could stand to take a couple strokes off their score. What are the gaps in your game? If it’s your drive, that’s actually great. It means you have plenty of room to improve.

A better drive will put you in a better position on the green, or for your approach shot on longer holes.

You can either?listen to your buddies?who shoot worse than you do, or you can listen to the pros. Our vote is with the pros, which is why we compiled seven golf driving tips directly from them. Take a look.

1. Swing Through the Finish

This tip comes to us courtesy of Butch Harmon. What he means is that you need to maintain your arm speed through the entire swing.

Some players have a tendency to throw the club at the ball. Afterwards, they stop their swing. But this leads to all kinds of problems and bad shots. Keep that swing moving through the ball and beyond.

2. Fight a Slice with Positioning

This is another of Harmon’s recommendations. If you’re fighting a slice, keep your back to the target a little longer. Keep your right shoulder back and let the club drop to the inside as you come down.

That way you can swing out at the ball and square the club face.

3. Keep the Pressure in Your Right Thigh

According to Hunter Mahan, there should be tremendous pressure in your right thigh at the top of your swing. If you’ve performed your backswing correctly, you’ll feel that coiled pressure.

That’s where the power is in your swing. Release it when you come down for a powerful drive.

4. Toe to Toe

Mahan also recommends a smooth weight transfer for a better drive. At the top of your swing, you’ll have at least 60% of your weight on the right leg. You’ll have to transfer that as you move down unless you want trouble.

The trick is to move your weight to your left toe, instead of your left heel. If you shift to your heel, you’ll lose some of the power in your swing.

5. Shoot Off Trouble

Jack Nicklaus was famous for his fade, and it’s part of his tip for driving. Nicklaus advocates playing off trouble like bunkers. If the bunker is on the left side of the fairway, make that your target.

But rely on a fade to place your ball in the fairway rather than the bunker.

6. Don’t Fight the Wind

Nicklaus also recommends (for the most part) that you try to?use the wind?rather than fight it. While this depends on conditions and your own style, it’s usually easier to play with the wind than against it.

7. Be Exact in Your Aim

In his video with Dan Hicks, Jim Furyk shares some of his secrets for driving well. The biggest? Be exact in your aim, and know how hard you can swing with accuracy.

He advises that you use the same swing as you do with?your eight iron. That swing is more likely to put you on the fairway or the green.

Improve Your Game With these Golf Driving Tips

Not all of these golf driving tips will work for every player, but the pros tend to know what they’re doing. Looking for more advice on improving your game? Then check out our?Improvement Guides?at Par24.

We’ve got everything you need to take your game to the next level.

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