5 Must-Know Golf Tips to Up Your Game

5 Must-Know Golf Tips to Up Your Game

5 Must-Know Golf Tips to Up Your Game

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Are you looking to lower your golf scores and become all around better at the game of golf?

Golf is a sport that takes?precision and patience. It is not as action-packed as many other sports but athleticism is still or paramount importance.

If you want to be a successful golfer you’ll need to practice and hone your skills. This article will give you 5 golf tips to up your game.

1) Putt Like You Mean It

Too many golfers head to the driving range to hit balls without stepping foot on a putting green.

Putting might not have the same power behind it as driving does, but it is still an integral part of your golf game.

If you can sink putts quicker than you can shave one or two strokes off of every hole.

Next time you’re at the range, end your session with at least 20 minutes on the putting green.

2) Keep Your Own Stats

Carry a notebook around with you on your casual rounds of golf so you can identify where your weaknesses are.

Do you usually flop on longer holes than shorter ones?

If chipping out of a sand trap a huge problem for you?

Discover your weaknesses so that you can focus on them during practice. Once you start writing things down you may be surprised where your weaknesses actually lie.

3) Work on Your Muscle

While you don’t need to be a bodybuilder to golf well, having a strong physique will only help your golf game.

Your abdominals, chest, and forearms are key muscles in your golf swing. You’ll notice how sore these muscles get the day after a long practice session.

Build those muscles up through a regular exercise routine in order to notice a difference in your stamina.

The stronger you are, the more powerful you’ll be able to swing.

4) Slow Down Your Swing

When you go to the driving range you probably want to start whacking balls right away.

However, it’s a good idea to take things slow and practice slowing down?your swing?so you can feel where you’re making mistakes in form.

Ask a friend to watch your swing in slow motion and comment on what looks off. When you slow things down you’re able to identify weaknesses that you can fix the next time you hit a ball full force.

5) Play with People Better than You

Nobody likes to feel inferior but one sure way to get better is surrounding yourself with?people who are better than you.

You’ll not only have to try harder to keep up, but you’ll pick up pointers just from watching them play.

Follow These Golf Tips to Improve Your Game Today

Take these golf tips into consideration and your one step closer to being the Tiger Woods of your local golf club.

Remember that golf takes more patience than nearly any other sport, so try not to be too hard on yourself for making errors.

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5 Must-Know Golf Tips to Up Your Game
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