5 Indoor Golf Courses to Try in the UK

5 Indoor Golf Courses to Try in the UK

5 Indoor Golf Courses to Try in the UK

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Who doesn’t love a jolly round of golf?

Of course, with the weather in the UK not always being so cooperative, we had to get creative and devise a way to golf indoors.

With new technology helping indoor golf become more realistic, sometimes it’s more enjoyable than?outdoor golf. After all, golfing indoors means you can golf alone or with friends, often while enjoying a pint, and best of all, you never have to worry about getting hit by a stray ball.

So here are the five indoor golf courses to try in the UK. Try them all to see which one you like best.

1. Urban Golf is Considered the “Holy Grail” of Indoor Golf

At?Urban Golf, with two locations in London, they have nearly everything you could ask for when playing golf indoors. Golf, booze, and music. They rely on 3Trak technology that uses high-speed cameras to precisely measure the direction of the ball.

This means you’ll get the same experience with every shot, putt, and drive that you would if you were playing golf outdoors. Best of all, there are competitions you can join in on.

2. Proactive Golf Academy

At?Proactive Golf Academy?in Surrey, there are video lessons, a game assessment with PGA professionals, and the ability to virtually play on 50 championship courses. If that weren’t enough, there’s even a nine-hole outdoor course to enjoy.

Membership is open to juniors, adults, and veterans and new members are entitled to a 30-minute game assessment. You can also buy new equipment or have yours repaired.

3. Peterborough Virtual Golf

Peterborough Virtual Golf?is located in Cambridgeshire and is owned by PGA professional, Alex Oldham. If you’re lucky, you’ll be there when he is to gain some of his expert advice.

But this place is amazing even when the owner is out because it offers the ability to play 23 world class golf courses. If that’s not enough, you can hit balls on one of the 9 driving ranges they have.

If you’re still bored or just not that into golf, you can play one of the wacky games they’ve preloaded into their HD Golf simulator. Or you can just enjoy a drink while you watch others play.

4. The Hole in One Golf Centre

At the?Hole in One Golf Centre?located in Northamptonshire, you don’t actually have to go for just indoor golf. It can even be rented out for foot-golf, rugby conversions, and penalty shoot-outs.

There are also lessons, a cafe/bar, and you can even use the simulators to link to game machines. So if you’re considering a place for your next party for your kid, this may be the perfect spot.

5. Dynamic Indoor Golf

Dynamic Indoor Golf?is located in the north west of England in Newcastle upon Tyne but even though it’s seemingly tucked away, it offers a tour experience for beginners and pros. It also offers:

  • State of the art custom fit studio
  • Private GC2 studio for hire
  • Designated?putting studio
  • Fully equipped tour SPX workshop

If you’re as passionate about the game of golf as we are, keep coming back for tips on playing better, where to play, and of course, the?best equipment?to use.


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