5 Golf Course Etiquette Rules You Don’t Want to Break

5 Golf Course Etiquette Rules You Don't Want to Break

5 Golf Course Etiquette Rules You Don't Want to Break

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Whether you’re an experienced golfer or hitting the nine for the first time, you’re still a person. And when people enter social situations, they may forget bits and pieces of the etiquette which surround them.

Golf course etiquette isn’t complicated. But there are rules you’re expected to follow that you might not know about. And if you don’t find out now, you may learn after becoming a pariah on the green.

Here are some etiquette tips to make sure you stay popular on the course.

Show Up Early

If you show up less than 30 minutes early to your golf course outing, you could be causing problems for the location.

While a golf match may be relaxing to you, for people who work at the course it’s stressful to have to rush a set-up because you decided to stop off for lunch.

So show up at least 30 minutes early to engage in good golf course etiquette.

Keeping It Speedy Is Good Golf Course Etiquette

When you’re at the course, there are usually people behind you trying to get through their nine holes. If you have the course to yourself, by all means, take your time. But otherwise, keep it speedy.

Golf is a leisurely activity. We all love golf because it combines athletic exhilaration and relaxation over the course of an afternoon. What’s less relaxing is waiting between holes because the group in front is taking too long.

If you think it will take you too long to play because you’re a beginner,?practice with simulators?before you go.

Don’t Spend Too Long Looking for Golf Balls

We all treasure our golf balls, and it is reasonable to look for them when they’re lost. They aren’t cheap, and a good ball can be a major part of your game.

But if you spend too long looking, you’re going to drive people crazy.

Instead of fretting about lost balls, keep them from being lost by?improving your swing.

Give People Space

Whether it’s?tactile sensitivity?or?claustrophobia, the people you’re golfing with may not like having you breathe down their neck while they try to putt.

It doesn’t matter if you’re golfing with new people or with friends. You should be conscious of the amount of space you’re taking up, and practice good golf course etiquette by giving people the space they need to concentrate.

Put the Phone Down

The average person looks at their phone?76 times a day.?But golf shouldn’t be like the rest of our lives.

English weather can be a bit cloudy. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the great outdoors. When you’re at a?great English golf course, put your phone down and focus on the game.


Playing golf is fun, but part of having fun is being polite.

Because of the way people are, it’s unlikely that somebody at the course will run over to you and start screaming about your golf course etiquette. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.

Being timely, speedy, and polite are all great ways to make friends at the course. Not spending too much time looking for a golf ball or at your phone also helps.

After learning about ways to improve your etiquette, the next step is improving your game. Keep reading our blog and check out our?improvement guides?for more golf tips.

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