The 5 Best Golf Courses in the World

The Top 5 Best Golf Courses in the World

The 5 Best Golf Courses in the World

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What’s on your bucket list? If you’re a golfer, you probably want to golf at some of the best golf courses in the world. But how do you know which golf courses are the best?

While there are top-rated golf courses, some golfers look for more amenities.

If you’re on your world trip, this list includes some of the best and most unique golf courses. Their countries are also a prominent factor of the course; some golf courses offer breathtaking views and additional fun activities.

Pack your bag and putt across the globe. Continue reading and discover the 5 best golf courses in the world.

1. Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand

In today’s golf world, Cape Kidnappers is one of the most lavish golf courses known to man. Cape Kidnappers is in the heart of the most beautiful country, New Zealand.

But this course isn’t all about beauty. Expect plenty of challenges such as your ball falling into the ocean. If you want to win Cape Kidnappers, you’ll have to play carefully.

2. Pebble Beach, United States

This delightful golf course sits on the United States’ west coast. Pebble Beach is notorious for being the favorite of professional golfers such as Jack Nicklaus.

Located in California, you can look among the Pacific Ocean as you putt.

Keep in mind, Pebble Beach is?not a cheap clubhouse. This is where the pros play, so Pebble Beach will cost you a pretty penny. The price increases during peak season.

3. Leopard Creek, South Africa

When you putt at Leopard Creek, you truly feel like you’re in the jungle. Forests and creeks make this course really difficult. You’re also close to Kruger National Park, which hosts an abundance of crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, and zebras.

Keep in mind, Leopard Creek is closed for re-design until April 2018.

4. St. Andrews, Scotland

If you’re truly a prestige golfer, test your skill at St. Andrews. If there’s one course on any golfer’s bucket list, it should be St. Andrews.

Scotland’s green pastures?overlook castles and cobblestoned bridges. Can a golf course offer a better view?

St. Andrews is an old course, but don’t think it’s easy. This course has many challenging features that will keep you on your feet.

5. Royal County Down, Ireland

This is one of the?best golf courses?in the world.

Royal County Down combines the best of scene and challenges. There are plenty of twists and turns that’s difficult for any golfer. But you’ll look upon Ireland’s stunning view of green pastures and winding hills.

Play at the Best Golf Courses in the World

Whether your golfing excursion is tropical or historic, these golf courses are legendary for a good reason.

These golf courses aren’t a walk in the park — they offer challenges unknown to any golfer. But they also offer spectacular views of the beach and mountains.

Be the coolest guy in your golf club and play these amazing courses!

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