What Is The Best Golf Ball On The Market?

What Is The Best Golf Ball On The Market?

What Is The Best Golf Ball On The Market?

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When it comes to golf, there is a myriad of choices for everything. Golf balls are no different. The perfect ball is a coveted title, yet not as simple to earn as it sounds.

Different balls have different features that apply to speed or stroke stability. The best golf ball on the market depends on what you’re using it for.

We’ve picked the best balls for general gameplay?and for putting with a runner-up in each category.

Golf Balls

We’ve come a long way from the first type of ball which was made from cowhide and goose feathers. Now manufacturers have capitalised on technology to make balls more efficient. When they make the balls, they’re aiming for:

  • A soft landing
  • Lightness
  • Durability
  • Length of flight

Some of these attributes are contradictory, like lightness and length of flight. With hard work and lots of experimentation, they’ve found ways to make that work.

Modern golf balls come in two types: A core and a centre put together and a core wrapped in layers of material. Which one is best comes down to your preference and the intended usage of the ball.

Best Golf Ball for Specific Usage

Distance + Speed

Each golf ball is manufactured with a few specific uses in mind: the needs of the specific golfer and the part of the course it’s used on. The Titleist Pro V1 is a ball made for ideal distance and trajectory. Exactly what you want when to get your ball as close?to the green as possible.

Second place in this category goes to the cheaper Callaway Chrome Soft.

This is the golf ball you want to use at the beginning of each hole, but not for putting. It’ll get you far down the course and help set you up for the perfect putting position. Then, its job is over and you’ll want to switch balls.

Switching balls are generally allowed between turns but check the rules. Different courses have different regulations.

Spin and Stability

There are arguments on whether a certain type of ball makes a difference when putting. Some experts and pro’s swear that some balls don’t putt well. Others claim that the type of ball doesn’t matter, and it’s your technique that makes the difference.

In our opinion, there is no substitute for a great putting technique. It’s the most difficult and precise golf skill and well worth the practice it takes. However, why not use a ball that might help? It definitely won’t hurt.

When you’re looking for a ball to use for putting, you’ll want low spin and high stability. These balls need to cooperate with your technique without any tricks of their own.

Our pick for this category is Callaway Supersoft Yellow. It’s an affordable ball that reduces spin and responds to gentle putts with distance.

Where do you stand in the argument of putting balls making a difference or being irrelevant? Once you’ve spent time developing your technique, try out our golf ball suggestions. Then let us know if it made a difference.

Since everyone’s golf game is different, we love hearing our readers’?perspectives and take them into consideration when looking at products.


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