The Very Best Wedges for Beginners

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The Very Best Wedges for Beginners

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Golf is one of the oldest sports in existence, with origins dating back to 1574. Despite its age, the sport never actually gets old, figuratively speaking. In 2013, an estimated?456.5 million rounds?of golf were played.

The sport is clearly still booming in popularity.

If you’re a newcomer looking to get into the sport, the first thing you’re going to need is a good set of clubs. In this article, we’re going to paying specific attention to the best wedges for beginners.

No two wedges are built the same, and some are more novice-friendly than others. Below, you’ll find our recommendations.

Cleveland RTX-3 VMG Wedge

As a beginner, you’re probably going to take some more…unconventional paths to the hole. You’re going to need good wedges to get you out of sand traps and the rough.

In the golf world, Cleveland is (arguably) seen as a leader when it comes to manufacturing short-game clubs. With just one use of their?RTX set?of wedges, it’s very easy to see why. These clubs have a crazy good feel and their CB model has an incredible center of gravity, which is what you need as a beginner.

Their 60-degree loft (“loft” means angle for you newbies) is perhaps the most beginner friendly wedge on the market.

As a beginner, you need clubs that will get the ball in the air. These will do just that.

Pinemeadow PGX Wedge

The RTX Cleveland wedges are rather expensive and if you don’t want to invest that much money as you’re just starting out, these?Pinemeadow Wedges?are what we’d recommend.

They’re incredibly cheap clubs, making them perfect for beating up and slamming them against your golf cart when you inevitably get frustrated (kidding).

These wedges lack any of the technological augmentations other clubs employ, but they’re still adequate clubs considering the price point. And to truly perform well, you’ll have to?work harder on your technique, which is probably ideal for a novice.

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Milled Wedge

These clubs are the Mack Daddy when it comes to wedges. It’s in the name, after all. They’re definitely more?on the expensive side, but what you get in return is unparalleled performance.

What sets these clubs apart from the rest of the field is that the faces of these wedges have milled grooves that give the ball extra spin upon contact. Each angled wedge in the set has a different groove to provide different degrees of spin.

This allows you to really customize your game and play situationally.

Now That You’ve Seen the Best Wedges for Beginners…

It’s time to fill out the rest of your golf bag. If you need any more advice or recommendations on golf gear, be sure to check out the?Equipment Reviews section?of our site. With this information in tow, you’ll never make a regrettable golf purchase again.

The Very Best Wedges for Beginners
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