Looking at the Best Hybrid Club for Chipping

Looking at the Best Hybrid Club for Chipping

Looking at the Best Hybrid Club for Chipping

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It can be difficult to know which club you should use for chipping. If the ground is rough, or you’re off the green, a hybrid club will often be the best choice.

Hybrid?clubs give you a few advantages when it comes to chipping due to the way that they’re constructed.

They have a wider sole, which helps keep the bottom of the club head from digging into the grass. It also helps prevent the head of the club from getting caught in the thick grass. This helps eliminate a number of the issues that many people have with chipping.

Using a hybrid club for chipping can actually save you strokes while you’re out on the green.

The trick is to ensure your feet are close together and stand slightly open to your target. The ball should be opposite your sternum, and you’ll need to have 55-60% of your weight on your left foot.

When you’re chipping with a hybrid club, you’ll be almost using a putting stroke while you’re hitting the stroke. Get a little closer to the ball than you usually would, which will ensure the club has a more verticle angle.

Hybrid clubs are excellent when you’re very close to the rough. Your front shoulder will need to drop a little lower than usual, but you should find that your hybrid club is the best choice.

By now, you probably already know that the best hybrid club is the one that works well for each individual. But?there’s one that stands above the rest…

The Best Hybrid Club

If you’re looking for a hybrid club, you should try the…

Cobra King F7 Hybrid

This is one of the most highly-rated hybrid clubs on the market today?and for good reason. Hybrids need to help you do the things that are difficult to do with long irons- like getting the ball out of the rough and in the air.

The Cobra King F7 Hybrid solves these problems with its low center of gravity. It features rails to lower that?center of gravity and a 13-gram weight in the sole which helps with higher ball flight.

The Cobra King F7 Hybrid features everything you need in a hybrid, and here’s why:


This club has a trustworthy and consistent stick. even when you have some toe hits it will usually hold the target.


The Cobra has a railed sole. This allows you to get out of those bad situations while flying. You can shoot into the air from both the tee and the fairway, and you can easily alter the high ball flight. This takes care of any deep or thick lines.

This club is ideal for mid-to high-handicappers. It’s a solid all-around hybrid, providing excellent distance, and helping on potential misses. It’s also a versatile club to own.


This hybrid club has plenty of things to smile about, and distance is one of those things. You’ll notice plenty of zipping off the face, and enough carry to keep you happy.

Have you used a hybrid club for chipping? Have you tried the Cobra King F7? Let us know in the comments below.

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