Korhonen beats the clock

Mikko Korhonen has beaten the clock.

Mikko Korhonen has beaten the clock.

The Finnish player this week became the first to win a tournament where the European Tour’s new ‘Shot Clock’ was in action.
Its experimental introduction at the Austrian Open was announced last October. The idea is to speed up play with one shot penalties for players who exceed their time allowance – generally 40 seconds.

Korhonen was clearly not fazed by the time pressure and started the final day of the tournament five shots in the lead. And he stayed in front to take his first European Tour title in 146 attempts.
The shot clock experiment has generally been hailed a success. Round times were noticeable quicker and only four players picked up time penalties.

“I didn’t dare to think about winning,” he said. “When my last shot had landed on the 18th green, then I knew I had like five or six putts of cushion.

“It feels great, beautiful. It’s been a long wait so it feels so good. Yes, I have thought that I might not be in this position. I’ve been up there a couple of times and couldn’t do it at those times but now I’m so happy and relieved that I have done it.

“It’s not easy to win, especially not the first win, so I’m really happy to have done it. I have no words, it’s so good.”

Mikko Korhonen has beaten the clock.
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