Hidden UK Gems: 5 Golf Destinations You Need to Visit

Hidden UK Gems: 5 Golf Destinations You Need to Visit

Hidden UK Gems: 5 Golf Destinations You Need to Visit

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Believe it or not, your local golf club isn’t the only place where you can perform?your favourite past time.?If you’re a golfer, you should make a U.K. travelling opportunity out of your hobby.

Unknown to the public, there are several hidden golf courses in?countries such as England?that offer an amazing view and a great opportunity to golf.

Keen to know more? Check out these 5 hidden golf destinations in the U.K. Whether they’re a hole-in-the-wall (pun intended) course or a luxury golfing centre, you’ll love to putt at these locations.

5. Royal Birkdale in England

This course is hosting?The 2017?Open?and is described as ‘the finest golf course in England’. In addition, Royal Birkdale has held?more World Championships than any other golf destinations in the world.

Royal Birkdale is the finest course in England but is also one of the top?five in the UK and the top 35 in the world.

Even amateur and hobby golfers can visit this historic course. You’ll experience a historic game of golf.

4. Lee Valley Golf Club in Ireland

This is one of the finest golf destinations in Ireland, and for good reason. Lee Valley Golf Club is designed by the world famous Ryder Cup star?Christy O’Connor, Jr. It’s set in a beautiful location with an 18-hole championship course.

In addition to the course, Lee Valley Golf Club offers a practice room, restaurant, bar, changing rooms, professional shop, and a large outdoor patio.

In 2006, Golf Digest included Lee Valley Golf Club in their Top 100 Golf Courses in Ireland.

3. The Ailsa Course in Scotland

This golf course is a historic landmark. The Ailsa Course was home to four Open Championships. And it’s obvious why; the Ailsa Course provides a scenic view of the lush green and rolling hills.

Scotland is the home of golf. This course is named after the third Marquess of Ailsa, who owned the land. What better way to play golf than on a historic course in the home of golf?

2. Porthcawl Golf Club in Wales

This is the first 18-hole golf club in Wales. Today, Porthcawl Golf Club hosts both amateur and professional championships.

Porthcawl Golf Club has also been deemed to be a hospitable club, where it hosts other amenities such as a clubhouse and professional shop.

1. Royal Liverpool Golf Club in England

This golf club hosts many tournaments and allows players to play on its historic course.

Royal Liverpool has had many historic tournaments: the first Amateur Championship, the?first match between England and Scotland, and the first Walker Cup.

Visit U.K. Golf Destinations

All golfers should play golf in the U.K., whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime ordeal or it’s a regular holiday.

The U.K. hosts some of the most iconic golf destinations in the world. All golfers should take in the beautiful scenery and history of these co

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