Bloodbath on the golf course

Bloodbath on the golf course

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An Australian golfer has been jailed for a year and eight months after stabbing a friend during a round which turned into a bloodbath.

The incident happened at the Broadford Golf Course, north of Melbourne, in August 2017.

Matthew McKay and two friends decided to play golf after watching a boxing match on the television during which they all drank. But once they had played a few holes it became apparent McKay was the worse for wear.

His friends told him to quit his antics which were damaging the greens. At this point McKay went back to his car before returning with a knife, slashing at one of his friends and stabbing the other, Simon Mudd, in the thigh. The knife severed an artery causing Mudd to bleed profusely.

Mudd might well have died but for an emergency airlift to hospital, blood transfusion and emergency surgery. He had lost almost three litres of blood and was minutes away from death, according to Melbourne?s biggest selling newspaper, the Herald Sun.

McKay pleading guilty to recklessly causing serious injury and assault with a weapon. He had left Mudd, a friend since the age of five, with permanent nerve damage to his leg.

The court heard that it was not the first time McKay had knifed a friend. In 2009 he had been fined nearly $5,000 for slashing a friend and stabbing a woman, also in the thigh.

Bloodbath on the golf course
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