5 Surefire Tips for Mastering the Perfect Golf Swing

5 Surefire Tips for Mastering the Perfect Golf Swing

5 Surefire Tips for Mastering the Perfect Golf Swing

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Are you a new golfer? Golf is a fun hobby and a great way to stay in shape. But golf is also a challenging sport and takes years of time and practice.

When you’re observing other golfers and are studying their swing, you probably assume the perfect swing takes years to master. While that is correct, there are tips you can practice now to perfect that professional golf swing.

From hand positions to your whole body position, a lot goes into the perfect golf swing. So you can play alongside the pros, follow these 5 tips and start working on that?pro golf swing.

1. Your Hands Determine Where the Ball Goes

Before you swing, determine how far the ball needs to go.

An easy tip is your?hand position?determines how far the ball will go. For more height and speed, keep your hands higher on the club. For a shorter distance and slower speed, keep your hands low.

2. Keep Your Arm Parallel to Your Spine

Your top swing, or the position you’re in after you hit, also matters. For accurate striking, your arm should be raised as high as?your spine. This puts more emphasis on your arm so your use more power on your swing.

Which arm should be parallel? Your main arm should, for most it’s their right arm.

3. Your Swing Power Should Come From Your Body

In addition to your arms, the overall power of your swing should come from your body. Your arms help direct the club and ball, which also provides power, but your overall form should give your swing the most power.

When you swing, swing with your whole body. Move your form in direction with the club and the ball.

4. Your Stance Also Determines Power

One of the biggest flaws beginner golfers experience is a bad stance. Bad posture results in a swing that’s too high or too low without any power.

When preparing to swing, keep your opposite arm (for most it’s their left) at a 45-degree angle, upper body slightly bent, and legs straight and at shoulder-width apart.

5. Elbow Position Also Determines the Swing

Have you seen golfers swing with their elbow out and in?

Your elbow position doesn’t determine power the way your arm and body positions do. Like hand positions, your elbow position determines the swing.

If the ball needs to fly out far, swing with your elbow out. If you only need to move your ball a short distance, swing with your elbow in.

Now You Know the Perfect Golf Swing

There’s a lot that goes into the perfect golf swing. Your hand, arm, elbow, and body position determines the ball’s distance and how much power is in your shot.

But remember, the right arm and body position determines power. Your hand and elbow position determines how far the ball will go.

For more ways to improve your golf technique, visit?our resources.

5 Surefire Tips for Mastering the Perfect Golf Swing
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