2 Simple Tips to Get Longer Drives

2 Simple Tips to Get Longer Drives

2 Simple Tips to Get Longer Drives

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Need some distance in your drive? If you’re looking for longer drives, there are two simple tips that will improve your game. Ready? Let’s get started.

The Best Ways to Get Longer Drives

While there’s no doubt that your drive is just one aspect of your game, it can greatly improve your game. The trick is incremental changes that you can work on for better technique and longer drives. Here they are:

1. Make Solid Contact With the Ball

One of the most important components of hitting the ball both farther and straighter is hitting it in the center of your clubface.

Achieving longer drives requires a combination of different skills. You’ve got to be fast, and you’ve got to be strong. But if you can hit the ball with the middle of your clubface, it’s going to go somewhere even if you haven’t done everything else right.

The trick is to get the low point of your left shoulder in the correct place if you’re right handed, or vice-versa for lefties:

  • Tilt until your left hand is in line with the zipper in your pants.
  • Watch your front foot. If it’s too far in front of the ball, the low point of your shoulder will also be too far forward. That means less of a chance of solid contact with the ball.
  • A lot of the time, amateurs will tend to swing off their back foot. Instead, aim to keep your weight moving towards your target.

One good way to check the location of your impact is to pick up some foot powder spray. You can spray it onto your clubs before you hit and will then be able to see your impact pattern. It’ll also easily wipe off with no damage.

2. Swing Faster

Once you’ve worked on making solid contact with the ball each time, it’s time to work on your speed.

But it’s no use swinging faster if you have the wrong technique. That’s why you need to start with the “Whoosh Drill.”

Take your club, and turn it upside down. Swing it as fast as you can, and you’ll hear a “Whoosh” as it swings through the air. If you swing in the wrong place, you’ll hear the sound a little earlier than you would expect.

You don’t want that “whoosh” sound to happen until just before and after you hit the golf ball.

Once you’ve mastered this drill, and you’re hearing the “whoosh” in the right place,?you’ll need to work on some speed. Great players are also working on their game in the gym, and there are a number of exercises you can do to get longer drives:


We’re all sitting for hours more than we should each day, which explains the lower-back pain. To swing faster and harder, you need to learn to engage your glutes. This can take some practice, but squats and hip thrusts are an excellent start.


Sprinting is a powerful, dynamic motion that both starts and ends quickly- just like your swing. You’re using your muscles together for coordination, and the ground for leverage. You’ll also improve your fitness significantly.

Ball throws

Throwing a ball as hard as you can engage many of the same muscles you use for your swing. Take the kids (or just yourself) to the park and spend some time throwing a ball around.

Are you ready to work on your drives? Let us know how you go in the comments below.

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