What is the Proper Golf Attire for Women?

What is the Proper Golf Attire for Women?

What is the Proper Golf Attire for Women?

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The women’s dress code?of many golf courses sometimes takes some adjustment. ?After all, most casual rounds of any other game don’t require specific shoes, shorts, or shirts.

The difference is most golf courses are private and therefore expensive. ?(Try somewhere around?$500.00?to be a member of said course.) ?Thus, when players fork over the big bucks, they want to play with like-minded people in a nice, clean setting.

In the world of golf, nice, clean settings don’t involve jeans and t-shirts.

The Appropriate Golf Attire For Women

Appropriate pieces of golf attire for women include the following.


As stated above, t-shirts are absolutely not acceptable on most golf courses. ?The same goes for tank tops, halter tops, and sweatshirts.

Most golf courses require female patrons to wear a blouse. ?Typically the blouse will have sleeves, but if it doesn’t, a sleeveless blouse with a collar will work. ?As such,?polo shirts?are the most common type of female golfer shirt.

Shorts and Pants

Again, jeans are a no-no on the golf course. ?The same goes for short shorts, athletic shorts, and sweat shorts.

Acceptable golf attire for women calls for slacks or shortened slacks. ?(That is, capris and shorts that cut to the knee or lower.) ?Khaki is a popular color for golfing shorts and pants.

Golfing skorts and golfing dresses are also acceptable. ?Note, though, that some courses require the skirt of these options to reach your fingertips. ?Other courses require the skirt to go to your knees or lower.


Since golf is an outdoor sport, you can bet that you’ll occasionally play a round on a chilly day. ?In that event, you can wear a sweater or a vest over a polo shirt. ?A light jacket is also acceptable.

What’s not acceptable is jean jackets. ?(Essentially, you should think of denim as forbidden.)


There are few options you can go wrong with here. ?Crocheted hats, designer hats, straw hats, sun visors–they’re all totally acceptable on the golf course. ?Have fun and go wild!

Shoes and Socks

Almost all golf courses require patrons to wear?golf shoes. ?These are shoes with cleats on the bottom. ?Additionally, the cleats must be non-metal (or “soft”) to protect the course.

Popular substitutes for golf shoes are running shoes, which have soft cleats on the bottom.

When wearing shorts, it is popular to wear short or no-show socks with your golf shoes. ?When wearing longer slacks, though, many players don crew socks that match the color of the slacks.

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