How Genius Golf Balls Are Changing the Game

How Genius Golf Balls Are Changing the Game

How Genius Golf Balls Are Changing the Game

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How much time do you spend searching for your golf balls on the course?

Many golfers report losing about?four golf balls per round. This could add a total of 20 minutes of wasted time just searching for your ball.

If you’re an early-adopter of tech, you have probably been waiting for the golf industry to catch up to the rest of the world’s technologies.

Until recently, the golf game hasn’t seen much innovation in its gear.

Golf Balls Just Got Smarter

OnCore is a company known for?disrupting the golf game?with forward-thinking tools. But their latest product isn’t just smart, it’s Genius.

Titled Genius Balls, these golf balls are equipped with technology that captures and transmits data directly to your mobile device in real time. This means that with the tap of a finger, you can see data on your performance and its location.

Since launching a?funding campaign?to support the genius ball launch, the anticipation has been building up for the release of this next-generation ball.

The possibilities with this invention are endless, but there are a few main reasons why everybody’s excited.

GPS Location

One of the most desirable features of these smart balls is that they give you the ability to find wayward shots.

No more fishing around for your stray golf balls! Lost balls are a common annoyance golf players have to deal with but with the Genius Ball, you’ll know exactly where to find it.

These ‘balls with brains’ even track your ball when it’s in water.

Of course, actually getting it out is another challenge.


Other than GPS technology, this ball was built with the ability to capture valuable data. Stats on velocity, carry flight, spin rate, time in air, roll distance and more will be at your fingertips.

These features will be especially valuable to those who are teaching others to play golf, or even for some fun competition among your friends.

The Genius Ball will give you data you didn’t even know you needed until now.


If you’ve been working on your game, you’ll want to track your improvement. The historical data that the Genius Ball provides lets you see if those?golfing tips?you learned are working.

The data from each session is compiled after each session so that you can review your performance and see how you’ve improved over time.

Ready for the Golf Balls of the Future?

Don’t get too excited, the Genius Ball has not it made to stores quite yet.

However, the excitement has been building up since OnCore announced a?prototype demonstration?at the PGA Show in January 2018.

Cost of the balls is expected to be around $20-$25 each, a price well worth it for a golf ball that you’ll never lose.

The Genius Ball might not be for everyone, but the ones looking to have the next big thing in golf will be lining up for this new product.

Will you be investing in a Genius Ball??Let us know!

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