What are the Best Golf Training Aids?

What are the Best Golf Training Aids?

What are the Best Golf Training Aids?

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Do you find yourself yelling, “Fore!” all too often when you’re out on the golf course? Are your balls going in all the wrong directions?

Golf legend has it that the term “Fore” came about from golfers in the 1800s yelling to their ‘Forecaddies’ down the course to look for their ball. Golf balls were too expensive to lose so golfers hired forecaddies to help to find all the golf balls.

Are you losing too many balls from your lack of training? Does your golf game need improving? Then be sure to check out this article. Click here to discover the best golf training aids to help improve your game.

Golf Training Aids for Any Golfer

There are many different golf training aids available. Whether you are a professional or just looking for a new hobby anyone can benefit from extra practice.

When used consistently and correctly, golf training aids can be very beneficial. Don’t have extra money for private lessons? No worries. Using training aids can turn a mediocre practice into a successful one.

Orange Whip

The?orange whip?was invented by Jim Hackenberg. Jim was a golf pro who couldn’t figure out the right way to help his students fix their swing.

He began noticing that the best players have an easy, athletic swing no matter what club they are using. He envisioned that they would have the right swing even with a chain.

The idea of the orange whip is to get the feel of what a correct swing feels like. The Orange Whip trainer will not work properly unless you get the right rhythm and motion down. This has been one of the most popular golf training aids among both professionals and beginners.

Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer

This training aid is the perfect way to practice if you want to improve your putting game. Learning to have precise putts will have a big effect on your scores.

This device is a rounded, half curve that features a white rubber target that is the exact size of a real hole. When you have the perfect putt, the target will hold the ball in place.

Being curved, it will also return your ball on any missed putts.

This is small training aid that can easily be taken anywhere. Getting bored at the neighborhood BBQ? Pull out your Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer and putt away.

Training Grips

Training grips?are an excellent way to help beginners get learn the proper way to hold a golf club.

At first, the grip can feel a little awkward but using a training grip will help a player get used to the feel. Eventually, it will become natural and comfortable.

Even experienced golfers can use a training grip to make sure their fundamentals are in check.

Time to Tee Off

There is no other sport like golf. With its rich history and?beautiful courses, it’s an activity that is meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

So, get out there, find a new course, and work on your game. And don’t hesitate to?contact us?with any golfing questions.

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